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How to buy Chordastic using Monero

This page is for the users that prefer using Monero to purchase Chordastic. If you want to use credit card, debit card, bank/wire transfer, check, PayPal, cash, phone, fax, or mail, follow this link

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What is Monero

Monero is an open-source and privacy-oriented Cryptocoin that can be used to buy goods, physical and digital.

You can use Monero to buy Chordastic now.

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Purchase using Monero

Use the following address to buy Chordastic 8BurL3GFstc9zmYwCJHWJBhoEY61kNWiqHb46oEbKdbrHvwePRQNKc4fBVPhKgWWeMfUqnVXjPe7iQDUAyothNdJ8P9BSE4

The application price is $47. That translates to (XMR).

When you send the Monero please send an email to request your license including the Transaction Id.

Software that has been purchased cannot be returned or refunded.

This policy is in line with International Copy Protection and Electronic Software Download generally accepted practices and do not affect your statutory rights.

Please evaluate our software in demo mode before you purchase.

Purchase Chordastic

  • The cost of the full product is US $47
  • Tax/VAT is included in the price
  • Updates and Support are free for product's lifetime.
Chordastic is for Windows only